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Why should you go vegan

There is a multitude of reasons to switch to a vegan lifestyle. Switching to a plant-based lifestyle saves a huge number of animals from getting slaughtered every year.

It offers us an easy way to reduce our carbon footprint, which helps reduce global warming and climate change. Switching to veganism will enable optimal use of our land to produce food, which will be very important in combating hunger in the coming decades.

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Health & Nutrition Articles

Learn how to have a proper nutritious vegan diet and maintain good health

Vegan Protein Sources

Introductory Guide to Vegan Protein Sources and Requirements

"Do vegans eat enough protein" This is the question most vegan run across. Unfortunately, the truth is that many vegans fall short of achieving an optimal daily protein intake.

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Vegan Cooking Guide For Beginner

Do you plan on becoming a vegan, but worried if how to start cooking vegan diets? Well, this is where this extensive guide comes in, it will take you through all the fundamentals of cooking a tasty vegan meal.

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Health Benefits of Going Vegan

Vegan diets are sufficient in providing all the nutrients that a person needs, and they can also mitigate some of the possible risks that are associated with animal fats. Vegan diets are linked with a range of health benefits.

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